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What Our Riders Our Saying

“I never skateboarded growing up but always appreciated the skateboarding community. After 6 months I’m happy to report that I started a local longboard group and found that sense of community I always strived to be part of.”

Apex, North Carolina

“Absolutely love cruisin the Boardwalk and walking the dog with the Deviate Board.”

David G
Los Angeles, California

“The board is great. I missed rolling around the streets of NY enjoying the scenery. Also going to all the new skate parks and cruising around. Best purchase I made all year. Forget the stuff, I’m after experiences.”

Babylon, New York

“The quality of this board is incredible. The wood is very sturdy and durable and the wheels make for a smooth ride on multiple surfaces. I can’t wait until the summer time when I can cruise around the beaches.”

Alex H
Phoenix, Arizona

“I have the Bean skateboard. It is a work of art and a fantastic board. It is super fun to ride. It carves and flows and is very smooth. Feels like I am surfing on pavement. The workmanship is unparalleled. Highly recommend!”

Eric P.
Massapequa, New York

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Making longboards – how it started…

When I was 10, my parents gave me a skateboard for Christmas – black grip tape, white deck, black wheels and trucks with red rails and a tail protector.  I remember trying to learn tricks…

One Tree Planted

One Board, One Tree Commitment

At Deviate Board Co., we’re passionate about handcrafting high-quality longboards and making a positive impact on the environment. That’s why we’re proud to partner with One Tree Planted, an environmental nonprofit dedicated to reforestation efforts…

Basic Longboard Adjustments

Welcome to the Deviate Longboard community!  We’re stoked to have you! If you’re new to longboarding, here are a few helpful tips on some basic adjustments to fine tune the ride of your Deviate Longboard…