Go Skate Day is on June 21! Treat Yourself to a New Longboard

Carve your own path.

Who We Are

Deviate Board Co is a handcrafted longboard company born in Brooklyn, NY out of the passion of its founder and sole maker, James Petitto. James grew up making things out of whatever materials he could find–wood, string, metal cans, duct tape, etc. If he could find it, he would use it. That passion for making remained a constant in James’ life as he grew up.

After more than 20-years working in corporate finance, James decided it was time to pivot and pursue his passion full time. Now in his “Volume 2” phase, as he likes to think of it, James focuses on making artisanal quality longboards that not only look great, but are super fun to ride and approachable by all. James believes one of the best ways to get around, explore a new city or rediscover your own, is on a longboard.

James grew up an avid surfer on the wave starved beaches of Long Island’s south shore. For most of his adult life, James has worked and lived in New York City (away from the beaches of Long Island). With no access to surfing on a regular basis, James melded his passion for woodworking and surfing and pursued longboard design and making. His simple goal was to create a longboard that he enjoyed riding with an eye toward applying heirloom quality furniture materials and techniques. The output of this multi-year pursuit is a series of handmade longboards that are inspired by the surfboard makers of the past.

As a husband and father of two school aged kids, James finds inspiration in the everyday and brings that into his woodworking. His mission is to thrive doing what he loves in a sustainable manner in terms of his family, work and life balance as well as his impact on his community and those around him. On most days, you’ll find James cruising on the L-Train model through Red Hook, Brooklyn on his way to his shop.

Oh, and speaking of sustainability, check out our one board = one tree commitment.