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Custom Longboard Skateboard?

April 11, 2023
Custom Longboard

So, you want a custom longboard skateboard?  Awesome, we like to make them!

We often receive inquiries about custom longboards, so we thought we’d put together this blog to help guide you when considering a custom longboard. The design process for a custom longboard skateboard is a bit iterative, so consider this a helpful set of items to consider as a starting point.

What is a custom longboard?  Any longboard that isn’t a stock longboard offered on our website.

What to expect: When you contact Deviate Board Co about a custom longboard, be prepared for a bunch of questions.  We’re not trying to be annoying; our goal is to get to know you, your longboard riding style, needs, etc. in order to make you the best longboard to meet your needs.

Things to consider:

  • What’s your longboarding style / experience?
  • Do you have a specific shape or size longboard in mind or a board you want replicated?
  • Is there a longboard you kind of like but want some adjustments based on your riding experience, if so, let’s start there.
  • What kind of longboard shapes, sizes and set-ups do you currently ride?
  • What do you like about the longboards you have / have ridden?
  • What do you dislike about the longboards you have / have ridden?
  • Is there a type of riding you want the board to be designed to handle?
  • What size wheels and trucks do you want on the board?

If you are interested in a custom longboard, please take some time to consider these questions.  It will help us collaborate with you to design and build the longboard you want.

If you are simply looking to have one of our production models made with a specific logo for your company or brand, we can do that.

Lastly, custom longboards generally start at $300 and go up from there.  The reason they are more expensive than a production model is due to the time required by us to design and build the board.  This often requires unique templates, jigs, tooling adjustments, etc. to ensure we can produce a longboard of the highest quality.

When you are ready, email us at hello@deviateboardco.com with subject heading “Custom Longboard”.

Just like our production longboards, for any custom longboard sold, we will plant a tree.