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Selecting the “Best” Longboard – Identifying Your Longboard Skating Style

April 17, 2024
Deviate Pretender Cruiser
Deviate Pretender Cruiser Skateboard

We get lots of questions about which Deviate longboard skateboard is the “best” for me. We usually answer this question with a bunch of questions – which we can only assume you find kind of annoying.

So, we thought we would try and be less annoying and write a short blog about it.

To start, we do not think there is a “best” longboard.  Rather, we need to find the longboard that is “right” for you.

To find the right longboard, you must consider your skill level, longboarding style (more on this below), where you live and skate (is it flat, hilly, etc.), what your longboard goals are, etc.

Most longboards are designed for a specific purpose or style of riding.

To us, the “right” longboard is the one that gets you stoked every time you ride it.

Focusing on your desired riding style is the best way to find the longboard that is right for you!

Below we have highlighted some riding styles that align with how we design and build Deviate Longboards.

Surf Style

We are surfers and designed our longboard line-up with the desire to recreate the organic flow of surfing. Are you are looking to find that bottom turn, cut-back, or practice your footwork on those flat days? Or perhaps you’re landlocked (for whatever good, bad or unfortunate reason) and miss that soulful surfing feeling, grab a Deviate Longboard and turn that flat stretch of pavement into your perfect never-ending wave.

If you are looking for something a bit more specific, check out our custom shop – we can help you achieve that ride you are seeking.


Longboarding does not need to be about tricks, speed or showing off.  It can be as simple and pure as cruising. Cruising to a specific destination, cruising to explore, cruising for the exercise of it or just for the sake of being outside.

We believe the best way to commute, explore a new place or rediscover your own is by cruising on a longboard! Not to mention the perfect way to reset from a hectic day or clear those cobwebs out of your cluttered mind.

Every Deviate Longboard fits this style.

  • Shorter Longboards – Perfect for shorter range cruising and with the added benefit of being portable and easy to carry are the Pretender, the Rebel, and the Bean.
  • Longer Longboards – More room to maneuver yourself on the board, easier to push on longer cruises and great for grabbing the attention of onlookers as you roll by. Check out the L-Train and the No-Name.


Boardwalking / Dancing

Whether you are looking to practice your boardwalking moves, hit some cross steps or perhaps get into basic longboard dancing – check out the L-train or the No-Name.

  • The L-Train is designed with the longboard surfer in mind and a great flat day or trainer alternative to practice those fancy boardwalking skills.
  • The No-Name, although not designed as a traditional dancing longboard, it features a parallel rail design that lends itself well to many longboard dancing maneuvers.


Snowboard Style Carving

For those looking to recreate the feel and flow of those blue-bird fresh powder days up in the mountains, we recommend hopping on a Bean.