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The Smooth Road Stoke….

June 2, 2023
Smooth Roads

I get stoked on many things while I’m out cruising on my longboard.

  • I’m stoked to see friends out enjoying our community
  • I get stoked when a stranger throws a smile, a wave, and the occasional shaka as I cruise by
  • I get stoked to explore new places, find new neighborhoods and new spaces
  • I get stoked when the suns out, the air is warm and the breeze is light (feels like the world is giving me a hug)

But probably the thing that I get the most stoked on when I’m longboarding is finding a newly paved road or parking lot that is super smooth and wide open.  No pot holes, bumps or chewed up pavement to worry about.

I can hear my Deviate wheels humming as they roll over the freshly paved asphalt.  I can feel my Deviate longboard under my feet as I carve rail to rail.

Setting up for a run and then coming back and hitting it over, over and over again.  Even better if there’s a hill with some room for big carves and boardwalking.

When I find a spot like this, I often  day dream about it and plan my return.

I love being out on my longboard.  That feeling of fun, excitement, peace, contentment…its pure stoke.  I can feel that stoke through all my sense.

Sadly, it’s a fleeting feeling that lingers around for a bit and then I have to get back out there and replenish it.

What gets you stoked when you’re out longboarding?  Hit us up on social media and #RideDeviate

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