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Commuting on a Longboard Skateboard? Heck Yeah!

August 6, 2023
Longboard Commuting

Commuting to school or work on a longboard is a great way to start the day and a fine way to wrap it up.

I love to commute by longboard whenever time and the day’s activities permit.  It feels amazing to arrive at the shop each day with a smile on my face after carving up the streets on my way to work.  At the end of the workday before transitioning from “longboard maker” to “dad / husband”, the cruise home provides a critical mental wind down.

Before you grab your longboard and rush off to school or work tomorrow, there are a few things to consider ensuring a smooth, safe and stoke-filled commute.

Trust us on this, commuting on a longboard is a bit different than heading out for your regular Saturday rip with friends.

Here are some key considerations…

  • Your Route – Identifying a safe longboarding route is critical. Organize your route to minimize time on traffic congested streets.  Look for streets with dedicated bike / skate paths, greenways, parks, etc. to travel on for a fun and safe commute.
  • Commuting Time – In some cases, longboarding is a quicker way to commute (thank you NYC traffic), but often it may take a little longer than driving or taking mass transit. Planning for this is important so you aren’t late to an important class or work!
  • Board Selection – When selecting the best board for your commute, there are a few things to consider.
    • the route you will take (is it flat, hilly, downhill in both directions, etc.)
    • will you need to commute partially on mass transit (train, subway, ferry or bus)
    • will you need to carry your longboard for part of the commute where you may not be able to skate legally or safely
    • where will you store / secure your longboard at your destination
    • what do you need to carry with you while commuting (a laptop, books, a trombone, etc.) and how will you carry that stuff
    • There are probably more things specific to you, where you live or what you are commuting to, so take a minute and consider those things
  • Practice Your Commute – This may sound strange, but when commuting to school or work, you are likely carrying a bag with whatever you need for the day. If you don’t regularly longboard with a bag or the extra weight, your point of balance may change.  This can impact your normal flow on a longboard.  To commute comfortably and safely, you may have to change how you carry your stuff (or carry less stuff).

As always, make sure you wear your protective gear when you commute.  Don’t worry, helmet hair looks cool.

We’d love to hear your longboard commuting tips (and some fun stories).  Share them and your favorite commuting longboard set-up with us on Instagram. Tag us @deviateboardco and #longboardcommuting