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Longboarding in Cooler Temps

October 10, 2023
Deviate - Longboarding in Cooler Temps

As the temperatures begin to drop and the leaves start falling, it’s time to gear up for some cool-weather longboarding sessions. If you live in a place with seasonal temperature swings you don’t need to stop longboarding when it starts to get cold.  Below, we’ll explore the best ways to prepare for longboarding in cooler fall and winter temperatures so you can keep that stoke going through the year!

Layer Up for Warmth and Flexibility

When it comes to dressing for longboarding in colder weather, layering is your best friend. Grabbing that big puffy winter coat may not be the most practical if you want comfort, maneuverability and versatility.  I’m a big fan of quality gear that is built for purpose – this may require a little investment, but it will improve the stoke level in the long run while you’re out cruising in comfort.

Layers don’t need to be complicated or technical.  Just remember, while you’re out, sometimes you get a little warmer and other times (especially when you hit that shady-windy section), it feels a little colder.  Having the option to peal away a layer or add a layer keeps you cruising.  I generally go with three layers (sometimes four on those very cold days).

Check out this comprehensive guide on layering for outdoor activities from REI for more insights.  Although not focused on longboarding, the principles are the same. Also, grab yourself a Deviate Beanie to keep your head warm!

Don’t Neglect Footwear

Your choice of footwear is critical in maintaining control and comfort during cold-weather longboarding. Opt for insulated skate shoes that offer both warmth and grip. Cold or frozen toes are a great way to end a longboarding session prematurely.

Check out these great options from SkateDeluxe.

Stay Visible with Reflective Gear

With shorter daylight hours in the fall and winter, visibility becomes a significant concern. Ensure you’re seen by motorists and pedestrians by incorporating reflective elements into your attire. You don’t need to wear a fully reflective safety vest or light yourself up like a Christmas tree.  But, some reflective tape or stickers on your helmet, backpack, or clothing, can enhance your safety during low-light conditions.


Don’t forget to stretch!  When its cold outside, your body likely needs some warm-up and stretching to feel the same amount of flexibility you’re used to during those warmer months.  Take a few minutes, get warmed up, do some stretching that feels right for you and then head out for some longboarding fun.  Truth be told, I’m at the age where I need to stretch, even when it’s nice and warm out! Injuries are not fun!

Maintain Your Board

Finally, don’t forget to give your longboard some TLC to keep it performing at its best during colder months. Check your bearings, wheels, and trucks for wear and tear regularly. Tighten any loose hardware as needed.  Remember, road salt and other chemicals applied to streets to manage ice and snow can negatively effect your hardware, bearings and trucks – so be sure to check them periodically.

Check out our basic guide to longboard maintenance blog for more information.


Longboard skateboarding in cooler fall and winter temperatures can be a stoked filled experience with the right preparation and attire.  So grab your board, layer up, and embrace the cooler weather longboarding adventure!  You don’t need to be limited to skating in the summer months!